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Cink Art - Truly Custom

Story By Denise Lew

Photography By Katie Begley

A seasoned wedding artist, Cink DeVeas never imagined that one day, her inherent artistic talents would transform into a full-fledged business and enrich the lives of couples to be wed. Founded in Severna Park, Cink Art LLC specializes in hand drawn art for wedding invitations, stationery and accessories, all tailored and customized for wedding couples.

For the past 25 years, DeVeas has enjoyed creating a multitude of drawings of prominent landmarks, historical churches and wedding venues in the Annapolis area. Notable buildings include the United States Naval Academy, Historic Inns of Annapolis, Chesapeake Bay Beach Club and the William Paca House.

“I have always loved to draw and paint since I was very little and had an uncle who was an artist who encouraged and taught me some specific skills,” said DeVeas.

After obtaining a college degree in health education and an MFA in graphic design, DeVeas worked in the health sector and graphic design for a number of years, while freelancing in artwork. In 1986, just one fortuitous event would forever change the course of her career.

“My husband told his boss that I could draw the United States Naval Academy (USNA) Chapel and make his daughter’s wedding invitations. It was something I had never done, but I stepped up to the plate,” DeVeas recalled. “I blame the whole business on my husband since he started everything with the request from his boss. He even named the company when I could not think of a name after the wedding coordinator at the Academy asked me to put up a display in the Officer’s Club,” DeVeas laughed.

And the rest, they say, is history.

“I did wedding invitations for the Naval Academy and slowly other customers for the next few decades until making the invitations my full time business in 2015,” she said. “That freed up more time to create the artwork my customers want and use today.”

One of DeVeas’ absolute favorite and unique wedding projects took place at a large barn in Westminster.

“The bride was an animal lover after growing up on the farm with a veterinarian Dad,” she said. “The family raised sheep and kept all kinds of animals on the farm which were a big part of the invitation’s design.”

“We were married on my childhood farm, and the animals and plants, as well as the historic structures are precious to me,” said Susanna, the bride. “I wanted to give our guests a taste of the joy we experience being at Good Fellowship Farm and the celebration amongst our sweet creatures and vegetation. Cink is incredibly organized and supportive of crazy ideas, making them a beautiful reality! I think our wedding was a gargantuan task, and she kept us on track with impeccable grace and care.”

Last October was another memorable wedding venture for DeVeas, yet this time, both as an artist and proud mother.

“There is the ultimate pleasure of creating all the stationery for your own son’s wedding; a total delight,” DeVeas said. “I did a painting of their venue, Brittland Estates, on the belly band and a sketch for their save the date.”

Also, years before, at her son’s college graduation, DeVeas had gifted him with a gorgeous sketch of the Rotunda, which is the architectural heart and symbol of the University of Virginia, also lined with Jeffersonian architecture.

Nowadays, Deveas continues to enjoy helping wedding couples prepare for their special day with her beautiful handiwork.

“My favorite aspect about doing weddings is working with customers to provide the products that help form the entire event (such as) the creation aspect of each customer’s vision for their wedding invitations,” she said.

DeVeas explained her most recent project: “I usually wait for my customers to request a specific type of artwork, especially buildings and venues. After years of using my drawing of the USNA Chapel on invitations, finally someone asked me to paint the chapel, which I have wanted to do for years! I love visiting the site of any building I need to render. I spent a great afternoon on the Naval Academy yard taking photos and making sketch notes on the Chapel.”

As for new brides and grooms looking to send out invitations, DeVeas recommends checking out Cink Art’s custom design resources before opting for online invites.

“Custom designs can be had within many wedding budgets and you can’t beat personal customer service for something this important! Also give us plenty of notice (several months) so we can create the perfect stationery for you.”

For more information on Cink Art, please visit

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