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Showers of Flowers

Yellow is having a moment this year. One of Pantone’s colors of the year is Illuminating, a bright yellow that’s spirited and energetic.

If you’ve picked sunny tones for your wedding palette, the good news is that there are plenty of blossoms that will give a pop to your bouquets, boutonnières and more.


Yellow roses are classic additions to wedding bouquets. There are hundreds of yellow rose varieties. Each has their own shading, fragrance and bloom shape. The National Gardening Association says there are several forms of rose blooms, including the spherical cupped shape, high-centered blooms, flat blooms, quartered blooms, rosettes, pompons and globular blooms. With so many shapes to choose from, it’s easy to find the right rose for your look.


Looking for a bloom of a different color? Hellebores have pointed, leathery leaves with textured centers that range in color from white to purple, including a variety of shades of green. Some yellow hellebores can even have edging or centers in other colors, including a stunning deep purple.


Showy, trumpet-shaped lilies are stunning stars of any bridal bouquet. Many varieties also have a pleasant fragrance that festoons many a spring wedding. You can get classic, star-shaped Asiatic lilies, Golden splendor trumpet lilies, dramatic Caucasian lilies and the classic, vase-shaped calla lily.


Tulips are spring classics. They come in almost every color of the rainbow and their simple cup shape and long stems make them perfect for elegant bridal bouquets. Tulips come in many shades from a creamy, buttery tone all the way to neon yellow. Looking for more drama? Ask your florist for ruffled or double tulips.


If you’re going rustic for your nuptials, consider a bouquet of daisies. Gerbera daisies have big blooms that can get up to five inches in diameter and are more budget friendly than other flowers. Also look for black-eyed Susans. Their brown centers give your bouquet texture and depth, especially when paired with plenty of greenery.


These flat-topped bunches of tiny golden blooms are perfect to accent larger blooms in your bouquet. Yarrow can be arranged dried or fresh. Yarrow also has fern-like leaves that can be used in your arrangements.


There may not be a more yellow flower than sunflowers. They can get up to dinner-plate sized and make great cut flowers. With their dark centers and showy, sunny petals, these flowers make for beautiful bouquet centerpieces and lovely table arrangements.

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