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Animal-lovers want to included their furry family in all aspects of their lives — even getting married. The wedding industry is ripe with dog and cat accessories that will help your pet fit right in to your wedding party.

Don’t have a ring bearer? Use your dog. Need an adorable pet addition to your wedding photos? Include your cat.

From pet tuxedos to dog ring pillows, there are specialty shops online and in your own backyard that will be more than happy to prove the perfect pet accessory for your special day.

Pet Practice

You know pets — creatures of habit. And if yours isn’t used to wearing little pet clothing, you may consider letting them get used to it weeks ahead of your wedding day.

Your dog may need time to adjust to wearing a ring pillow tied around its neck or a skirt tied around its back. Letting your pet do so ahead of time will help teach it not to eat or rip apart these items.

The same goes for your favorite feline. Let the cat get used to a new custom cat collar, T-shirt or bow. The more comfortable the pet is in its new attire, the smoother your ceremony and reception will go.


Before adding Fido or Garfield to your wedding program, consider a few questions:

  • Does your pet behave around large groups?

  • You’ll be a bit busy, so will your pet follow instructions from someone other than you?

  • Does your venue allow pets to be present?

  • If yes, is there an extra fee associated?

If you feel confident after answering these questions, proceed with the miniature tuxedo order.

If not, there are other ways you can incorporate your pet into your special day. Add the pet to your invitation photos or include pictures on table settings.

If you have enough time to coordinate, ask your photographer to include your pet in your engagement photos.

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