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Brampton Inn

Photos by JennQuinn Creative

Brampton Inn is a bed and breakfast tucked away, waiting to surprise you at every corner. Located less than two miles away from historic downtown Chestertown, a trip here will leave you feeling like you are part of your own fairy tale. There are even a few feline friends to welcome you to such a magical place.

The location for weddings, elopements and romantic getaways, everyone is welcome at Brampton Inn and is made to feel as such. From the rooms inside of the inn to the cottages, each space is unique and allows access to all of the gardens, walking paths and stunning grounds.

The rooms inside the inn take you back in time with all the modern conveniences you could want, architectural details to leave you speechless, and the perfect place to lose track of time. The cottages are made for privacy and relaxation, with outdoor showers, soaking tubs, and plenty of personal outdoor space. Gardens surround the inn and cottages, perfect for a quiet moment any time.

Brampton Inn also pairs with local businesses to make your stay even more memorable. If you are looking for the perfect cozy venue, this is the place.


Brampton Inn

Chestertown, MD

JennQuinn Creative

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