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Bridesmaids & Bachelorettes

The people in your bridal party are so important that you want them by your side the day you marry the love of your life. It’s fun to hear about the wedding and the parties leading up to it from their point of view. Tales from these bridesmaids tell of personalized bachelorettes, to the ultimate bachelorette trip and doing everything long distance.

Flannel Fun

Meredith was a bridesmaid for Cedar’s wedding. Best friends since their freshman year at Fairmont State University, they met in a Christian group called Chi Alpha. They are as thick as thieves.

Not only did Cedar ask Meredith to be part of the wedding party, she also asked Meredith to take the engagement photos and build the wedding arch. The couple found a love of the outdoors together and wanted ways to bring that into their wedding day and even the parties before.

The bachelorette party was perfect for the personalities of the group. Instead of bar hopping or sitting on the beach, these women opted to have a flannel party. It played out a little like the sleepovers we all enjoyed and now miss. Everyone wore their own flannel, keeping it casual and comfy for a night in.

Pottery painting, Buffalo Wild Wings and a big game night. Everyone got a chance to get to know each other better, enjoyed the luxury of a hotel stay and took turns trying to convince Cedar to get the lingerie they had found online.

Nashville Nights

Natalie, bridesmaid for Rachel, met her freshman year at the University of Maryland on the sailing team. They grew to be friends as they served on the executive board for two years and made sure planning regattas got done and operations went smoothly. One of six bridesmaids, Natalie was part of the bachelorette trip to Nashville, Tenn.

Being her first bachelorette party, she didn’t know what to expect but found it to be incredible. Meeting the bride’s closest friends and celebrating was just what a bachelorette is for.

“The various things we did in Nashville were fun of course, but seeing our beautiful bride glowing with happiness and love as she had a fantastic time surrounded by her favorite people was the most special part,” said Natalie.

There were definitely some highlights to the weekend long party. The group started the trip off on Friday with a daytime tiki boat cruise outside of the city. Later that evening, they got a pretty great bachelorette staple into the itinerary, the Music City Gents.

Saturday’s favorite was the afternoon pole dancing class and then moving on to bar hopping on Broadway. They ended the trip with a Sunday morning pedal tavern tour of downtown Nashville and Broadway.

Planning Process

2023 Maid of Honor to two spring brides, Jennifer is enjoying the fun and stress of the weddings coming up soon. Dress buying and planning takes on new challenges when one of the brides lives across the country in Utah.

Both brides are Jennifer’s lifelong best friends, meeting Casey (the Utah bride) in kindergarten and becoming instant besties, and meeting Danielle when they were 8 years old and becoming super close.

Planning bachelorette parties for these two brides is coming up but they aren’t your typical ideas. Making them perfect for each of them feels as important as any of the other parts of the Maid of Honor job.

For Casey, the struggle is that she is very far away and won’t be back in Maryland until close to the wedding, so the plan has two parts. A custom bride box to help her feel the excitement of the upcoming day, and the second part is a night out on the town a few days before the wedding, making sure everyone has time to recuperate.

For Danielle, she’s a busy woman but isn’t into the night scene. The plan for her is a day of calm and some pampering. A mini spa day, lunch, nails done is part of what would make a day great for her.

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