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Engagement Sessions - The best way to engage with your photographer

List and photos by Audrey Wozny from River Lane Photography

Reasons to not skip out on an engagement session with your wedding photographer!

#1 - In a lot of cases, it is included with their wedding package as a complimentary service!

#2 - It gives you an opportunity to meet your wedding photographer and connect, this will help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day.

#3 - You have the opportunity to perfect your poses!

#4 - You get the chance to hear and learn the photographer's lingo, "nuzzle" closer, "kiss with your teeth."

#5 - The photographer gets to see how you naturally act in front of the camera and adjust their posing flow before the big day. An example would be if a bride or groom is not a fan of PDA, the photographer has a chance to adjust their posing ahead of time rather than the day of to ensure a full beautiful gallery of images that don't include kissing!

#6 - Showcase more of your personality as a couple. These sessions should align with things you enjoy together, local hangout spots, your pets, the city you live in, etc...

#7 - If you schedule your makeup trial on the same day you will get to see how it looks on camera before your wedding!

#8 - This session is solely about you as a couple... you are the focus. Meaning there are no family formals or bridal party images so you get more images of the two of you together on this one day than you will on your wedding day which focuses on the entire event and all the details that go into it.


Audrey Wozny

River Lane Photography

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