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Fall & Winter Wedding Trends

Photo by JennQuinn Creative

Jewel Tones:

Fall and winter weddings are the perfect time to pull out the

jewel tones. Added a little more warmth and personality to a

season that isn’t always as easily vibrant creates a magic and

playful space to enjoy your day!

Small Ceremonies:

After spending time apart, many people have kept the small

ceremony. A small intimate exchange followed by a bigger

celebration keeps the stress down during the official parts but

allows for the fun of celebrating with family and friends.

Unique Guestbooks:

Instead of the classic book for your guestbook, many are opting

to do something a little more interesting. Whether it be a piece

the couple can display in their home, or date ideas they can

try out, there are all sorts of new ways to be reminded of those

who celebrated such a special day.

Colorful Reception Outfit:

A wedding is the perfect place to show personality. Switching

into a colorful outfit lets the couple feel more comfortable while

still feeling like they can be the stars of the show.

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