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Hair Artistry - Two Lovely Looks and a DIY

Photos By Arden Haley

Let’s face it. Most of us have little hope of ever recreating a hairstyle purported to be easy to do-it-yourself.

And an intricate wedding look is even further beyond our grasp.

But that’s the beauty of what stylists like Justa Mayorga, of Hair Artistry by Justa, are capable of creating.

An Eastern Shore native, Justa has been a stylist since her late teens, and has been pulling off wow wedding looks for more than 16 years.

“I love weddings: It’s fun, it’s happy, there’s a buzz of excitement,” Justa says, which she enjoys sharing with the bride and bridesmaids as she helps them prepare for the big moment.

Justa can pull off everything from elaborate braids intertwined together to a beautiful up-do, but her favorite looks are a bit more loose and flowy.

“I love the bohemian styles ... just carefree, not super finished and polished.”

These favorites are ever-popular styles among brides-to-be, who often accent such looks with single blossoms or a crown of flowers.

“A lot of brides are not doing veils,” Justa says, for which she is grateful.

“Obviously, every single person is going to want to hug the bride. So when you put your arms around the bride, your arms go around her veil and then her hair gets pulled every single time someone’s hugging,” which can wreak havoc on Justa’s beautiful creations.

Here, Justa has put together a couple of gorgeous wedding styles similar to some of her oft-requested looks: a bohemian partial up-do and a loosely braided down-do twist.

And, for the hapless among us who never know what to do with our hair, she is gracious enough to also give step-by-step instructions for an easy, yet elegant coiffure that can be worn any old day of the week.

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