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The Hummingbird Inn

By Denise Lew

Photos Provided By The Hummingbird Inn

Nestled in the quaint town of Easton, Maryland, is a hidden gem. The Hummingbird Inn, a newly renovated Victorian-style house turned bed-and-breakfast inn, has become a local favorite for memorable weddings. It has garnered rave reviews for its beautiful property and welcoming atmosphere.

Built in the late 19th century, the inn rests on nearly an acre of land -- the largest outdoor property of B&Bs in town. Throughout the years, it has served both commercial and personal purposes, ranging from a senator’s residence to a medical center to B&Bs, to name a few. In 2018, Eric Levinson (the current innkeeper) bought the house and renamed it the Hummingbird Inn.

With its vast outdoor space and stylish interior, the Hummingbird Inn affords ample creative space for wedding ceremonies and receptions. It boasts an expansive 1,000-square-foot wrap-around porch, a Victorian garden with fountain, a great back lawn, a side lawn, a formal dining room, single and double guest parlors with a built-in Bose sound system, and a paved parking lot for large weddings.

For nature lovers, the gardens offer a stunning backdrop of natural beauty. “I love doing [the ceremony] under the weeping cherry in the Victorian Garden...for small wedding groups. For larger [wedding groups], there is a really nice area between the parking lot and the big lawn that leads to the base of the Giant Magnolia. We have done a number of ceremonies there, and the Magnolia makes a beautiful background setting,” said Levinson.

The Victorian Garden, often booked by clients, has a fountain and weeping cherry tree in an intimate setting for smaller-scale weddings. “Guests can relax by the fountain on a lounge chair under the Weeping Cherry Tree as they listen to soft, relaxing music with our built-in outdoor Bose sound system. This is a very popular spot for events including receptions, cocktail parties, and small weddings,” Levinson explained.

Wedding couples may also elect to rent out the inn for a full Victorian experience. The Hummingbird Inn has a total of six guest rooms, all named after local eastern shore towns: the St. Michael’s Room, the Cambridge Room, the Easton Room, the Oxford Room, the Tilghman Room, and the Crisfield Room. Each has its own private bathroom and modern amenities, such as heated towel racks and eco-friendly toiletries. Depending on the room, options may include a walk-in “waterfall shower” system with the inn’s signature “Endless Hot Water System,” a claw-foot jacuzzi tub for a spa experience, or even a separate sitting area in the Queen Anne turret.

Among the Hummingbird Inn’s most popular rooms is the Crisfield Room; it is newly renovated and often booked by wedding couples and brides-to-be. After purchasing the house, Levinson experimented by transforming the former attic into a sleek, modern space, channeling a “Scandinavian and Zen Modern” atmosphere. “This is one of the largest rooms in the house. It has a work desk and all the high-tech hardware such as smart TV, bluetooth speakers, USB plugs, and outlets throughout,” said Levinson. “The gamble paid off, and last summer we had a 3-month waiting list specifically for this room -- even if other rooms were available!”

The wedding-planning process can be quite daunting, but the Hummingbird Inn can help with that challenge. “We have an on-site Special Event Coordinator who can assist with putting on any kind of event … wedding planning, setup, and organization, etc. All wedding packages include 10 hours of time … additional time can be purchased at an hourly rate. We partner with a number of other businesses to provide catering, flowers, music and DJ, etc., and will provide lists for wedding couples to review and select from,” said Levinson.

Many people wonder how the Hummingbird Inn got its name. Prior to owning the house, Levinson had a career in IT management at large international law firms. An avid traveler, he has been to nearly 70 countries for business and personal travel. It was a lifelong dream to one day start a bed-and-breakfast with his late husband, Kevin. Tragically, Kevin did not survive a car accident in 2013. After receiving a number of sympathy cards with hummingbirds on them, Levinson thought it was odd, and he looked into the meaning of the bird.

“The hummingbird is thought to take on the spirit of loved ones. This totally described the type of person Kevin was: full of love, life, and energy.” A few years later, Levinston purchased the historic home and renamed it the Hummingbird Inn, in memory of Kevin. “What’s amazing is the number of people who come here because of the name; a number of people have their own similar hummingbird stories and experiences,” said Levinson, who is ordained to perform wedding ceremonies. “Being the only gay-owned-and-operated B&B in Easton, we have had the opportunity and pleasure to perform weddings for both same-sex as well as opposite-sex couples,” he said proudly.

A recurring compliment in guest reviews highlights the warmth and welcoming atmosphere at the Hummingbird Inn. It is not surprising that one does not need to look further than the innkeeper himself. “Travel, people, cooking – these are some of my top passions in life. I’ve always enjoyed being a ‘host’ to friends and family,” said Levinson. “I love meeting all the guests, making new friends, giving them an elevated breakfast experience, and providing people ... an amazing experience that they will remember, treasure, and want to come back again and again for.”

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