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The Other Big Question: Will you be my bridesmaid?

Things to put into a bridesmaid proposal package:

Handwritten Note

Everyone can appreciate the love and time put into a handwritten note and it truly personalizes any gift

Something in your Wedding Colors

(such as a scrunchie or small wrist bag)

If you know what you want your wedding colors to be, this is great way to get them excited to be a part of it

A Piece of Jewelry

(they could wear to the wedding)

This piece is something they can hold on to forever and will play a small part in the wedding, tying your bridal party together.

Something Relaxing

(such as a candle or bath bomb)

Weddings are fun, but sometimes can get stressful, giving your bridesmaid something to help them relax is perfect during those times.

A Fun Snack

(such as a cake pop or custom cookies)

Something to munch on as you talk about details and are getting even more excited for your big day!

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