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Tips from the bridesmaids

From Meredith:

  • On the wedding day, if something could go wrong, or did go wrong: Do not tell the bride! If you can’t help, talk to the wedding planner.

  • Learn how to tie a tie, you never know when a groomsman or groom will need the help.

  • Don’t forget to embrace the bride.

From Natalie:

  • Plan more downtime than you think you need in between excursions on your bachelorette trip, especially if your events aren’t within walking distance of where you’re staying. Traffic exists even on bachelorette trips! It’s important to make sure that everyone has enough time to eat, get ready, take a break, etc. — this will make sure all of the bridesmaids (and the bride!) are relaxed and not stressed about timing or feeling exhausted bouncing from one event to the next. Don’t forget to get easy snacks!

  • Download the Splitwise app to easily handle evenly splitting bills for Ubers, dinners, drinks and groceries. Make sure you save your receipts!

  • If conflicts arise that don’t involve the bride at all (drama between the bridesmaids, etc), try your best to keep the bride away from it! The overall goal of the bachelorette party is to celebrate the bride and have fun, and it’s not fair to her to handle interpersonal issues when she should be having fun.

  • On the wedding day - Appoint one person (who hasn’t had their hair done yet) ahead of time to steam bridesmaids’ dresses and the bride’s veil.

  • Carry a little emergency kit with fashion tape, bandaids, breath mints, chapstick, etc.

From Jennifer:

  • Don’t worry about the typical bachelorette plans, and just plan something you know the bride and the group can enjoy.

  • Get your bridesmaid’s dress as soon as you can, it will weigh on you if you let that task sit.

  • Find little ways to keep yourself calm and then you can help the bride stay calm and feeling excited.

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