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Wedding Fails

By B. Rae Perryman

Everyone hopes to have a fairytale-like story about their wedding day. For many couples, the ceremony and reception make up the most perfect day of their lives. And even when something small goes wrong, everything else usually goes right.

Who cares if your hair doesn’t fall perfectly, or if his bow tie was a little crooked? The event was perfect and you got to celebrate your love with everyone that also loves you!

Not so with these stories of wedding woes and super fails. Read these tales of wedding terror for a good laugh (or cry)! And, if you’re planning your own wedding, fear not — they probably won’t happen to you! It’s kind of like lightning — the same wedding fails don’t usually strike twice!

The best man locked knees while on a marble church floor during the wedding ceremony, and fainted while the couple was lighting the unity candle. In the true spirit of the moment, the maid of honor overheard the bride instruct her conflicted groom, ‘Dear, just focus on the candle with me.’ The only thing hurt when the best man came to was his pride!” — Laird

I was the maid of honor at a friend’s wedding, and we knew her parents had a history of tardiness — but they were an hour and half late for the ceremony! They were running late already and hit a completely gridlocked highway where there had been a terrible wreck and all lanes were closed. Normally, this wouldn’t be a huge issue, and we would just have the cocktail hour first. But they had all the booze in their car! Not to mention it was an outside wedding on an unseasonably hot day, so we ran out of water bottles quickly. They finally arrived, and the wedding went off without (another) hitch!” — Bethany

I was in the wedding party for a New Year’s Eve wedding, and when we got up for the farewell brunch after a long, large party, we found the groom’s cousin fully clothed and ‘swimming’ in the stately fountain outside the Hilton hotel. He’d dropped his red solo cup that he was still drinking from the after-party in the fountain, and decided to dive in to get it!” — Julie

From the web…

A bride’s mom lost her wedding dress by accident. She had it hanging on her car and it got stolen! The bride had to find a new dress with two hours before the ceremony!

One couple tried to wow their guests by re-enacting the iconic lift moment from “Dirty Dancing.” Turns out they should have left the pro moves to the actual pros — the bride got a concussion and had a busted lip!

Someone reports being at a wedding where the final sentence of the bride’s vows were, “I vow never to point a loaded gun at you again!”

A bride was too enthusiastic about her bouquet toss … and threw it on the roof of the venue!

One groom popped a bottle of champagne … and the cork hit his bride in the face!

At a lovely evening reception at a country club, a five-tiered wedding cake slid slowly off the pedestal to land, layer by layer, on the floor. No one really knew how it happened. It looked like it was happening in slow motion, but no one could stop it! The beautiful bride is also a good sport, and she just looked at the stunned crowd and said, ‘Well, I guess that’s the bad thing that’s going to happen at my wedding!’” — Rebecca

The groom’s ring fell down an exceedingly slim gap on a pier while on the honeymoon.” — Lisa

She looked beautiful, but no one saw the bride. She locked herself in the venue bathroom and would not come out for the ceremony!” — Angelo

“A summer storm arrived unexpectedly while the bride was inside getting her hair done before the ceremony. Two topiaries placed on Chippendale pedestals were blown astray, and the lovely flower arch was toppled completely over. This would be a super fail, but the ever-efficient wedding planners repositioned everything even before the bride emerged with her new coif.” Brenda

At my wedding, my fingers were so swollen (either from stress or all the food at the rehearsal dinner) that my ring didn’t fit! My husband was so nervous he didn’t even notice. I finally shoved it on there, but it was so painful!” — Katie

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