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2022 Summer Wedding Trends

Some wedding trends, like a focus on sustainability, remain but there are several twists on the way — from the return of pearls to non-traditional flower girls.

’80s REDUX

Blame Bridgerton, but it appears that the return of Regency-era fashion is now being combined with a little ’80s flare. So, corset bodices … but also puffy sleeves! After years of Zoom weddings and socially distanced ceremonies, brides are looking to make a statement.


Back in 2013, wedding flowers were bold and bright. A couple of years ago, the trend began moving toward more neutral colors. Look for brides to start mixing it up this summer, as neutral color palettes get a boost with splashes of bold accents.


Your flower girl doesn’t have to be a “girl,” or even a woman at all. Grandmothers will be dropping petals down some summer wedding aisles, while a “flower man” takes over at others. Mix it up to add a bit of fun.


The classic black-and-white color pattern is also set to return in a big way, as traditional styles and simple lines take center stage after years of exciting experimentation. What’s old is new again!


If the color scheme is simple, then why not give your cocktails a boost? This summer will be marked by ever more interesting ingredient choices, made complete with eye-catching details like garnishes, stir-sticks and sparkles.


The sustainability trend continues, as eco-conscious weddings dresses and lab-grown engagement rings are joining hip picks like biodegradable cutlery.


In this case, it’s the color green, a hot new color for bridesmaids dresses. Emerald engagement rings are increasingly popular, too. Some adventurous brides are incorporating shades of green too, as they tie in their ceremony with the simplicity and grounding qualities of nature.


The return of Regency-style fashion was dubbed “regencycore.” So, call this trend “pearlcore,” as these traditional gems move well beyond the choker. Look for pearls everywhere from wedding cakes to decor, accessories like veils and capes, to shoes and manicures.


Rather than tried-and-true sit-down dinners built from a series of serving stations, look for summer weddings with their own kind of progressive dinner featuring appetizer-sized portions. There’s an increased opportunity for food adventures, and it’s so much easier to mix and mingle.

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