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2023 Wedding Trends

Photography by JennQuinn Creative -

Film Photography

Embracing the old while celebrating the new is a big deal this year. Film photography is a perfect example. The beauty of a film photo can capture the feeling in a way that traditional digital photography does not. Have a friend with a bit of film experience? Might be the perfect addition to your wedding album.

Geometric Details

Mixing florals with geometric shapes has been a trend for a while but continues to grow. Covering stationary or tables in strictly flowers is a thing of the past, bringing in shapes allows for more dimension and textures. Consider new ways; fun table shapes, creative decor, geometric beading on the wedding attire?


Sleek and smooth don’t have to be at battle with volume. Using volume in wedding clothing makes for a more playful look, whether it be for the ceremony or just for the reception. Even bringing it into your decorations can make your venue feel more like a dream.

Creative Lighting

Lanterns, candles, a discoball?

Another way to make a wedding your own is to play with the lighting. Using your own accent lighting can transform a space into something magical.

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