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Hearts in Annapolis

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

By Jennifer Quinn

Photos by JennQuinn Creative

Annapolis, ooVoo, and the Naval Academy. Molly and Brandon met in a non-traditional way and continued the trend with the planning of their upcoming October wedding.

Molly Myers, now a web content specialist at the American Chemical Society, was just starting her freshman year of college, making new friends and letting life start when she met Brandon Khoury, now a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, working as an intern physician. At the time, he was in his second year at the Naval Academy. The two met online and quickly formed a connection.

Before they agreed to meet up for a date, they got to know each other through long ooVoo video chats. Many times, roommates were around to interrupt, internet issues would arise or plans would change, but eventually Molly and Brandon were comfortable enough to meet in person.

Their first date was a waterfront picnic at the Naval Academy. The date lasted for hours and six years later they are engaged, about to get married. The proposal was just as special to them both. March 26, 2022, was a day to remember. Recalling the day, Molly knew something was coming. “With our six year anniversary approaching, I kind of figured the proposal was coming sooner rather than later,” she said. “The week leading up to the actual day, I knew something was up. There was nothing in specific that led to that feeling other than the impromptu decision to have a day in Annapolis that weekend.”

“The morning of, I could tell that he was a little stressed — and maybe even a little nervous — but I just brushed it off and kept the thought of a proposal in the back of my head,” Molly said. “When we got to Annapolis, we immediately started walking around the Naval Academy. I still felt like something was looming once we started to walk around all of our favorite spots.”

“Once we reached a very secluded area right behind Hopper Hall — because he knew I didn’t want anyone around — something in me said, ‘don’t turn your back to him because next thing you know he’ll be on one knee,’ and sure enough, that is exactly what happened. After looking out over the Severn, I turned around to see Brandon getting down on one knee. The answer was, without hesitation, a yes!”

“Annapolis has always held a special place in our hearts since it’s where we met, where we had our first date, and where we spent most of our time,” Molly continued. “It only made sense that our story would continue there.

Telling his side of the story, Brandon remembered hoping for water views as he popped the question. “I knew I wanted to propose to her for a pretty long time at this point, but finding the right time was difficult,” he said. “Moving in together, starting new jobs — all these big events made it feel difficult to add on another life changing event to the mix. In the end though, it didn’t matter though — all I did was essentially ask my best friend to continue being my best friend.”

“Our first date occurred at my alma mater, the Naval Academy, so I knew I wanted to propose there, ideally in a scenic area on the water,” Brandon continued. “The plan had a couple obstacles; first, running into my younger sister on campus and, secondly, there being a giant group of students playing sports right next to the waterside where I wanted to propose.”

The one thing Brandon knew Molly didn’t want was a public proposal, so he took her on a scenic tour of the campus as he brainstormed a new plan.

“We ended up going into Hopper Hall, the new building on campus, which has a beautiful outside waterside overlook. Most importantly, there was no crowd, since nobody goes to academic buildings on weekends,” he said. “As we looked over the water, I could tell she definitely knew I was about to ask, but I eventually got the opportunity to when she turned away for a moment.”

Molly and Brandon might seem like a couple that would do their wedding the traditional way but they decided they wanted something a little different. Planning a wedding in less than seven months led them to get creative.

Sending out invites and save the dates were done with a 21st century spin and sent to guests’ email addresses. Instead of planning a big wedding with all of the extras, the couple planned for a ceremony at the State House in Annapolis with their close family and a dinner afterwards.

The following night, the couple is planning for a bigger celebration with a unique personal twist: dining and bowling at Pinstripes in Bethesda. Something else they have done a bit differently is taking their wedding photos a few months early. On a warm July Sunday morning in Annapolis, Molly and Brandon dressed in their wedding attire and set out for the Naval Academy campus to take photos in their favorite places, enjoying the time to get any and every shot they could want without the pressure of a schedule and guests waiting their turn.

The couple received many congratulations and smiles. All while sharing many laughs between each other as they went from place to place, pose to pose. Strolling over to the state house for some wedding location shots and even doing some in the street, they got out of their comfort zone, picking up on the rhythm of the shoot. After doing this shoot, they have one less big thing to worry about on the day of and can just focus on the love they have for one another.

Annapolis will forever hold an important place in their hearts no matter where their lives take them. Meeting, dating, getting engaged and soon getting married there, solidifies the bond they have with the beautiful city.


Jennifer Quinn

JennQuinn Creative

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