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How to Avoid the Jitters

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as the wedding approaches.

You’ve hoped for, then planned for your nuptials for what seems like forever. Still, pressure undeniably builds as you get closer to the big day. It’s a huge event, and a huge commitment. All of it can lead to second thoughts. The good news is, there are tried-and-true ways to avoid the jitters.


The first thing to do if you’re feeling stressed about getting married is to plan. Then plan some more. The more prepared you can be as your wedding day approaches, the less worry you will inevitably have.

Once everything is selected, create a calendar so that you can stay on schedule in the days leading up to the event. Then take a day or two off before the wedding to center yourself for what’s ahead.


There won’t be time, of course, for a multi-day spa retreat. You simply have too much to do. Still, it’s smart to take a spare moment here or there to spoil yourself. Splurge on a quick facial or massage. Go to the movies, or meet your most trusted friends for a bite to eat or fun happy hour. Then try to get to bed as early as you can.


It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you feel responsible for every detail in such a complex undertaking. Remember that there are friends and family surrounding you who can manage some of these chores. Involve them from the first, and then delegate authority so they can handle any last-minute issues during those final two days before the nuptials when you’re supposed to be taking it easy.


Visualization is a simple form of role playing that can help you troubleshoot potential problems, compose yourself for big moments and ultimately feel more confident about how things are going to play out. Imagine walking down the aisle, saying your vows, kissing your partner and throwing the bouquet. There is, of course, plenty of the pomp associated with a wedding so remind yourself that the day is really all about making a life-long commitment to one another. In the end, all of the other details really don’t matter.

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