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Kaitlin & Eric Manski - Fall 2023 Photo Contest Winners

Photos by Lauren Taylor

HOW THEY MET: We met in Baltimore, MD, where I was in dental school and Eric was in law school both at the University of Maryland. We had some mutual friends- Eric’s friend, Adam, was in the class below me in dental school, and my friend, Cara, knew Eric from college. Both were in our wedding party! Eric had seen me studying in the basement of the law library and the first thing he ever said to me was “You’re the girl who always studies in the basement of the law library.” It was the most charming pick up line of all time. I stored him in my phone as “Eric Law Library Boy” and our first date was a Washington Capitals game. Now, I’m a dentist in DC and he is a lawyer, we live in DC and we have a 3 year old golden retriever named Rudy. Eric is still saved in my phone as “Eric Law Library Boy.”

THE PROPOSAL: For Thanksgiving of 2021, Eric and I went on a trip to Florida with his dad and brother. My oldest sister, Gabby also lives in Florida. I had a feeling that the proposal would happen on the trip. However, I did not think it would be at Disney World. We are not that big of Disney fans, but my sister works for Disney, so we have gone many times, and we always have so much fun. Eric proposed in front of the castle with my sister and his brother and dad there. We spent the rest of the day riding lots of rides with our families. It was perfect!

BEST PART: The best part of the wedding day was having all of our friends and family in one place. For me, the whole weekend was amazing because my three sisters all live in different states (one in Atlanta, one in Tampa, and one here in Crofton), so we don’t have many opportunities to all be together. I was able to get a big VRBO for my entire family and having everyone together was the best part. I remember looking around and being amazed at seeing everyone in one room and seeing everything come together so perfectly. My other favorite part was enjoying the ceremony, being able to stand with Eric and look at his eyes while everything happened. We had my brother-in-law, Jake, officiate the wedding, and it was really meaningful. I had grown up boating on the Chesapeake Bay and so it always held my greatest childhood memories, so even before we got engaged, I knew I wanted a waterfront wedding on the Chesapeake. It was amazing to be in a place that was so special to me, surrounded by people that were so special to me.

Outstanding Vendors:

Venue, catering, alcohol: Herrington on the Bay

Hair and Makeup: Brushed Beauty, LLC

Photography: Lauren Taylor

DJ: DJ FO4 (Matt Behum)

Cake: Nellie Souder

Flowers: Blossom and Basket Boutique

Bridesmaids Attire: Azazie

Bridal Dress: Mary’s Bridal

Officiant: Jake Loken

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