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Out-of-Town Guests

There are a million details to consider when planning your wedding.

One of them is the guest list and the part of the guest list that may get overlooked is how to treat your guests coming in from out of town.

Keep reading to find out how to treat your out-of-town guests.

Early and Often

The traveling part of your guest list needs to know your date and other plans as soon as possible so they can start saving for and plan their travel. You can also help plan their trip. Give them information on where to go while they’re in town, including shopping, dining and local attractions they shouldn’t miss. You’ll also want to repeat this information on a variety of platforms. Mail traditional invitations and information, but also set up social media sites, send emails and make all your information as accessible as you can to your traveling guests.

Give Out Goodies

Your out-of-town guests are taking a lot of their own time to be there for your big day. Consider leaving them a bag in their hotel rooms to make them feel welcome and show your appreciate. Go beyond the old standbys of water and mints. Include things people often forget while traveling, like a toothbrush. Also drop in some hand lotion or soap from a local maker.

Transportation Tips

Arrange for transportation for your guests insofar as you can. You don’t have to rent them cars, but you should at least arrange for transportation to and from the ceremony and any related events. Organize carpools, use a shuttle, limo service, whatever your budget allows for. You can also arrange for trips from the airport, especially for infrequent travelers or people that don’t drive.

Throw a Party

You’ve got a lot to do before your big day, so ask a friend or family member to host a welcome party for your out-of-towners, It can be a laid back affair with just drinks and appetizers or a full-blown meal, depending on your schedule and the independence of the people on your guest list. You want to strike a balance between letting your guests have time on their own and leaving them without anything to do.

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