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Show Your Favor

Wedding favors let your guests know you care and provide them with a tangible memory of your big day.

The average cost of favors is about $400, so it’s not a small part of your budget, either. Here are some great ideas for showing your guests that they’re your favorite on your wedding day.

Tiny Tots (No, Not That Kind)

Find miniature bottles of liquor, wine or beer to give out to your guests. Look for a brand that comes from near the site of your wedding. You may even be able to order customized tags for your big day. Don’t forget to offer a non-alcoholic option, too, for those who don’t imbibe.


This category runs the gamut, but think along the lines of koozies if you live in a warmer area and have a list full of out outdoorsy guests. For more upscale venues and budgets, look for customizable shot glasses, mugs or julep cups. These are great ways to give a reusable gift that can remind your guests of your big day.

Customized Playing Cards

If your friends and family never met a game they didn’t like, customized playing cards may be an ace in the hole. You can get cards with pictures of you and your love through customization sites such as Shutterfly.

Live Plants

Setting an outdoor scene? Let your guests take some of the gorgeousness home with them in the form of live plants. That way, your love can grow in everyone’s home. Look for succulents (trendy and easy to care for), seedling trees and more. Visit a local nursery for ideas on native plants that will do especially well in your climate.

Destination Favors

Hitting the road for your I-dos is a lot of fun and gives you a great opportunity to select some amazing wedding favors.

You can choose to go the travel route and pick items like luggage tags, hand sanitizers or some travel snacks. Or you can choose items specific to your destination, such as giving personalized jars of sunscreen out at a beach wedding.

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