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Some Blooming Great Ideas

Autumn offers a bounty of fresh flower ideas.

Picking out flowers for your wedding can be maddeningly difficult, since there are so many options. Having a fall wedding actually narrows the selection process down, if you choose to stick with season-appropriate colors or flowers that are naturally in bloom.


Garden roses, chrysanthemums, dahlias, orchids and calla lilies make up the most traditional list of options when considering in-bloom flowers for a wedding in autumn. Those with more unconventional tastes may consider Asiatic lilies, pampas grass or yarrow. Local garden shops, ag centers and florists can tell you more about what’s seasonally available in your area. Finish off the decorative touches for your fall nuptials with the season’s freshest fruit, berries, maple and oak leaves, wheat and twigs. You may also consider pairing your flowers with succulents, which will only enhance a season-appropriate earthiness.


There are a variety of flowers that can coordinate with any fall-themed wedding. Amaranthus, for instance, blooms in burgundy and sage green. Orange-hued cymbidium orchids do very well without water, making them perfect for bouquets, boutonnieres and other wedding arrangements. Even the more traditional options can adapt to your needs. Dahlias range in tone from cream to yellow and burgundy; chrysanthemums can boast light purple, orange and yellow blooms. We usually think of calla lilies as being white, but they also grow in wine, mulberry and deep plum shades.


Get in touch with a prospective florist as least three months in advance. If fall weddings are a popular choice in your area, you may need to extend your lead time to as much as a year. Begin any conversation with a florist by discussing what flowers are available to fit your specific color preference and budget. The Society of American Florist also recommends asking for examples of previous weddings they’ve handled that fit within your price range. Bring photos of your dress and the bridesmaids dresses to make it easier for the florist to match the arrangements. Find out if they offer vases, or if those will need to be rented elsewhere. Discuss how your flowers will be delivered and set up, and whether they provide preservation services following the wedding.

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