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The Barn at Pleasant Acres

By Alexandria Saurman

The Barn at Pleasant Acres is a place where family and history are all wrapped into one.

As a former Calvert County tobacco barn, The Barn at Pleasant Acres has serviced more than 40 weddings since its opening as a wedding venue just two years ago.

The property, which sits on a former tobacco farm, is operated by family members who have owned the acreage for many years. As such, their family-focused service is reflected in their motto: “Where you’re cared for by family.”

Julie Sickle, co-owner of the venue, adds, “So when we talk to a new potential client we say, ‘It really … is where you’re cared for by family and our goal is to make your wedding day perfect and we enjoy making your wedding day perfect.’”

Construction on the venue began in 2015 after Julie’s daughter, Megan Rollins, decided she wanted to get married in the old tobacco barn, which was falling apart at the time, Julie says. They tore down the barn, saving all the original wood, and collaborated with Amish craftsmen who helped them rebuild the structure.

Julie’s husband, Bob Sickle, and other family members added the finishing touches, which included modernizing the building with air conditioning and heating.

The newly-minted wooden barn brags a large, open space for the ceremony and reception, a private bridal suite complete with bathroom, mirrors and chairs and a small balcony overlooking the reception area with manifold purposes — extra seating, a location for a DJ set-up or a relaxing area for the groom’s party before the wedding.

A closer look at the inside details reveal the history still a part of the barn: the grandiose, American chestnut front doors made from old barn’s beams and bathroom countertops and a downstairs bar constructed from the original wood. “A lot of love went into building this barn,” Julie says. Sickle family members also hand-built the tables, ceremony benches and altar.

With ample open fields, the venue caters to both indoor and outdoor weddings and hosts a variety of photography opportunities, Julie said, from a rolling field — filled with rye in the fall — to a willow tree to the barn itself.

Parking is available on the premises for guests, who are escorted up to the ceremony area on golf carts by staff, or what the owners call the “barn family.” All areas of the venue are handicap accessible, Julie adds.

Packages for The Barn at Pleasant Acres start at $7,500 and include a day-of coordinator, the family-run bartending service BarBells, and eight to 10 staff for the wedding that also help with guest care and service and cleanup at the end of the event, Julie says.

Clients must provide and set up their own decorations, but lighting and antique furniture options are available and all decorations are packed and placed in the client’s cars at the end of the night by the barn family.

“So when you have a wedding here, the wedding day is truly stress free,” Julie says. “We really are here to make sure you get exactly what you want on your wedding day, and we pride ourselves that if, you know, something is happening that we take care of it before the bride, groom and their families have any idea.”

For more information on packages and estimated prices, contact The Barn at Pleasant Acres directly on its website.

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