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Think Outside the Box

Photos by In His Grace Photography

With the overall natural beauty found during the fall season, it’s no wonder why so many couples are opting for unique venues to host their special day.

Fall lends itself to a variety of enchanting venue ideas indoors or outside. You can access the great outdoors to take advantage of the fall beauty or invite the colors inside with a unique theme.

No matter which location you choose, the season provides a bounty of outstanding options when it comes to choosing your colors, decor and attire.

Think Outdoors

The temperate weather and the beautiful colors make the outdoors an ideal option for planning a romantic, memorable wedding.

Vintage farms. Thinking rustic? Consider a local country farm for your venue. These venues combine the best of both worlds – classic outdoor beauty and reclaimed barns. Many vintage farms offer plenty of space for a large guest list. You’ll also be supporting local farmers, as many have found ways to host events to supplement their regular revenue streams.

Wineries and breweries. Wineries offer breathtaking views and spacious indoor or outdoor options for your festivities. And while you’ve likely celebrated a wedding at a local winery, have you considered a brewery? This is a trendy option that offers industrial backdrops for photos and reception celebrations, not to mention plenty of drink options for your thirsty guests.

Local forests. Looking for a stunning, sustainable location for your wedding? You won’t find a venue more fitting than your local forest. Nature-lovers agree, forest-theme weddings offer beautiful, serene locations for getting married to your special someone.

Stay Indoors

Due to the uncertainty of Mother Nature, many couples opt for an indoor wedding during the fall season.

Fortunately, fall color palettes and decorations can be easily adapted indoors.

Castles. Frequently found along the east coast, step inside a storybook castle venue to host the wedding of our dreams. There are many of these venues that were built in the 1880s and have since been reclaimed and restored to their original glory.

Historic hotels. For a more intimate setting in fall, small historic inns, lodges and hotels can help whisk you and your guests away to a simpler, more understated time that is equal parts charm and nostalgia.

Large estates. Watch the leaves change color against the stunning, spacious exteriors of large, historic estates. You likely have one of these restored mansions in your neck of the woods, and they create an idyllic setting for a unique indoors ceremony or reception


In His Grace Photography

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