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Wedding Trends for 2022

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Unique Wedding Venues:

The Chesapeake Bay area is the perfect place to seek out a unique venue that will fit your wedding. Hotels and country clubs are right for some weddings but the possibilities are endless. Consider a boat, a barn, flower fields or somewhere extra special to you.

Private Vows:

The first look or first touch is a trend many have taken in stride. Private vows are another way to add extra time and love to the beginning of your wedding festivities. There is extra pressure to say your vows in front of friends and family, so taking a moment before the ceremony to share private vows with your partner can help to calm those nerves and give you a chance to say things you might not be comfortable saying in front of a larger group. Just make sure to have tissues nearby!


Times of traveling to far away places for extravagant honeymoons will return, but for now nanomoons are the thing to do. The Chesapeake region is host to so many wonderful local inns, clubs, hotels, and experiences that are perfect for staying close to home while feeling like you

are at your own luxury destination. Take this chance to plan your honeymoon with the best local stays and attractions.

Living Room Comforts:

Guests at your wedding will enjoy this trend. Most seating at a traditional wedding reception is exclusive to the seats at the guests’ assigned table. Bringing in stylish living room furniture and putting a few arrangements around the reception area provides a comfortable place for guests to mingle and relax during the cocktail hour and after a meal is served and the party has started. Beautiful furniture is also a great way to set up photo opportunities for you

and your guests.

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