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21 Years Planning Perfect Events & Vacations + Wedding Planning Tips

Top 7 Wedding Planning Tips From Christina

  1. Start Wedding Planning Early

  2. Nail down the budget for your wedding

  3. Find an Experienced & Trusted Wedding Planner

  4. Be selective with the guest list

  5. Make sure you have a Plan B

  6. Pick your bridal party that has your best interests in mind

  7. Choose the best vendors your wedding planner has the relationship with. It will save you $$$ in the long run

21 Years of experience as a full service wedding, destination and event consulting company has afforded Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants & Travel Agency a comprehensive understanding into just what it takes to make a special day truly spectacular. At the head of the team is Christina D. Maddox, the company’s founder, owner, licensed and certified destination wedding planner, as well as a licensed and insured international travel advisor.

Maddox is a Temple University Alumni, certified interior designer and Delaware State Director of the National Association of Bridal Consultants and co-host of the talk show ‘Reality Takes 2.’ She was also inducted into the International Society of Female Professional September of 2020.

Maddox’s prestigious background vision and passion for creating fantastic matrimonial events is reflected in her team of creative professionals each with a unique background that allows them to offer unique services to each client.

As founder and head of the company, Maddox sets the tone for exactly what each couple can expect when enlisting their services: An exceptional mix of expertise, precedent, creativity, and dedication. These are crucial ingredients that she uses in turning dream weddings into a reality.

Making dreams a reality, Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants & Travel Agency is a holistic provider of destination wedding and event management services in the tri-state and DMV area. The sense of personalized care is upheld by each member of Team Heaven Sent. The team touts several masters degrees and ordained reverends, too.

Featured over many years in local press as well as on Lifetime TV, Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants & Travel Agency has earned a reputation for excellence underpinned by a sense of personal investment in each event they curate. Able to cater to everything from destination wedding planning, honeymoon planning, bridal showers, RSVP’s tracking and more, they ensure the special day and every day leading up to it offers a sense of romantic perfection.

To connect with Christina:

Call 267-334-0301


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