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Katharine & Dan Henning - Spring Photo Contest Winners

How they met: We have always lived intertwined lives thanks to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Tred Avon Yacht Club (TAYC) and we like to say we really met twice. First, Katharine was Dan’s bus girl at Latitude 38, in Oxford in 2005 but at that time the age difference was real and it was just a crush. They stayed friends over the years, running into each other at various stages of life, and it was thanks to our second meeting at TAYC the summer of 2019 that led to something more. That July 4th, it was unclear what was louder - the fireworks, or the butterflies. That same spot is where we got married three years later.

There was one more test - even more nervous than their first date on Dan’s boat “Weather or Knot,” was when Albie and Bowie met for the first time. They sniffed....their tails wagged happily, and the rest is history.

Best Part: While we absolutely loved the entire event overall, a couple key moments stick out: our first-look photos on the Oxford Bellevue Ferry, our wedding parties arriving by boat, and fire pits that really set a nice mood once the sun went down. Also, not having a sit-down dinner, but going with passed heavy hors ‘d’oeuvres and food stations gave us the opportunity to move around and spend more meaningful time with all our guests. Lastly, we really enjoyed dancing to the fun tunes from the Bachelor Boys Band.

The Proposal: Dan proposed to Katharine August 2021 in East Boothbay, Maine while visiting his family cottage. Down on the dock, for their usual sunset cocktails with the doggos, Dan got down on one knee after having the ring for only two hours, fresh off a FedEx truck that was a day late, but he (surprisingly) kept his cool. Katharine accepted enthusiastically, interrupting with “yes” not once, but twice (just as she did during our wedding ceremony!) They enjoyed a family celebration that evening after FaceTiming the Greenlee crew + friends.

Outstanding Vendors:

Photographer: We are the Cashmans

Catering: Tred Avon Yacht Club

Location: Robert Morris Inn, Oxford Bellevue Ferry, Tred Avon Yacht Club

Planner: Island Creek Events

DJ & Band: The Bachelor Boys Band

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