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A floral focus

Facing fall and winter floral trends with Molly Busick of Three Little Buds

Photos submitted by Molly Busick

What are the trends you are seeing this year for fall and winter florals?

Color! Although I love a good neutral color scheme, colorful

blooms are here to stay. It’s refreshing to see so many couples

branching out and using bright and vibrant florals. From colorful

tablescapes to mismatch bridesmaid dresses, it’s a great time to

experiment with color.

What is your inspiration for fall and winter?

This wedding season surrounds the year’s biggest holidays which are

centered around family. I draw my inspiration from the feelings of

warmth and comfort surrounding these gatherings. I love using the

different textures and deep colors of fall and winter that bring me back

to my days of helping my grandmother decorate for the holidays.

What flowers are readily available in fall and winter?

My favorite flower to source locally in Fall are Dahlias. Such a diverse and

elegant bloom with so many different varieties and ways to style. I also

love using mums and all the different evergreens and berry branches

available this time of year in my designs as well.

What trend do you hope has staying power?

I’m not one who focuses too much on what’s trending as much as I try

to focus on honing in on what speaks to the couple. But, if I had to pick

something, I would say I am loving the new trend of bridesmaids floral

purses. I also always recommend a statement piece. An arch, hanging

chandelier, something will guests will remember. Bonus if we can use it for

both the ceremony and reception. Regardless of what’s trending and what

my couples choose it’s important to remember what the day represents.

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