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Battle of the Bands

Let Him Win!

By Dabrianna Green

We tend to neglect our men during the wedding planning process.

If we’re being transparent, we really just want them to show up for one thing (and one thing only): the marriage.

As women, we’ve dreamed of our wedding day since we were old enough to know what it was. While the boys wasted precious time dragging Tonka trucks through mud puddles, we were busy being productive.

You can never be too prepared, so we got a head start on rehearsals 20 years early. Trotting around the house in our finest plastic heels, our paper-thin Cinderella dresses did their best to flow down the aisle as we anticipated greeting our invisible Prince Charming.

We set the bar high in our powdery, pigment-lacking eyeshadow and glorified tinted Vaseline we called lipstick, so any man’s decision to get on board two decades later is actually offensive.

There’s no rite of passage quite like devoting your youth to supermarket makeup kit looks and imaginary ceremonies, so the least a decent fiancé could do is hand over the rights to creative direction.

However, there is one special moment they’ve rightfully earned: their wedding band selection — emphasis on the “their.”

Men’s wedding bands have come a long way. They’ve transformed from flat, lifeless pieces of metal into stylish opportunities to showcase personal style.

Perhaps this evolution is one worth evolving with. Think about it: In a sea of men, could you identify yours if his wedding band were the only identifier?

All men may be created equal, but they certainly aren’t the same. Maryland’s jewelers understand this — a quick look at their inventory reflects their stance on the importance of variety.

Gone are the days when fiancés have little to no excitement for their ring selection. Check out some of the most stylishly unconventional wedding bands the Chesapeake region has to offer, and consider giving your future hubby something to brag about (as if you aren’t already enough).

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