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Fall & Winter wedding trends

Photo by JennQuinn Creative


Getting makeup done for your wedding is a fun part of the

day but it doens’t have to make you feel like you look like a

different person. Clean, fresh face makeup embraces all of

the beauty of your face but gives you the extra confidence

you may feel from having makeup on. You look effortless

and shine for every photo through the day, from first look

to last dance.


Have ceremony space separate from the reception?

Reuse your gorgeous florals from your arch, aisle and

more to bring even more beauty and life to the reception

space. They can play a role in filling out the dessert table,

decorate the entrance doors and more. Who doesn’t want

to show off the flowers that surrounded you during such a

magical moment?


Not everyone can have their entire guest list party with

them for a weekend, but some venues offer the option to

book the space for 3 days. Staying the night a few days

before gives you the ability to be more comfortable in the

space, get your decorations exactly how you would like

them and not have to rush the day of to the space.

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