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Jazz Up Your Invitations

Once upon a time, tradition ruled — but not anymore. Today’s weddings are highly personalized affairs.

The formats, rules and conventions of yesteryear have been replaced by contemporary styles that mix the old and new, all with an eye on making a one-of-a-kind experience. That attention to detail should include the invitations, too.


Gone are the days when invitations were embossed on a paper of standardized color, much less a standardized material. They now run the gamut from handcrafted items in exciting new shapes to bespoke luxury papers with personalized script. Jazz things up by choosing offbeat fonts or typesetting approaches then place them on a personally selected material, which may be anything from parchment or recycled paper to felt or cotton cardstock. Some might choose ivory papers threaded with gold, while others opt for linen cardstocks with printed flowers. That’s what makes this part of the advance planning so fun and interesting.


Want to really stand out? Skip the every-day whites or off-whites for something more unconventional. Your invitation may be colored to match the theme, the bride’s bouquet, or some consistent element in the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s outfits. If you don’t want to go all in on a particularly nontraditional color, consider using it as a border around the edges of the invite — or only on the envelope. The shape of the card itself can reflect your sense of style, too. A heart might signify the timelessness of your love, while the Eiffel Tower or an Asian fan may represent familial bonds or a special memory.


An invitation must meet certain standards, even in an age of endless personalization options. It needs to announce the couple, while including time, date and place details for the ceremony. After that, however, the invite can go in a number of different directions. Perhaps add a favorite quote, lyric or poem? Maybe a note about how you met, or fell in love?

Sometimes customizations come down to supporting causes that are near and dear to your heart. The Knot, for instance, offers cards created by collectives of both black artists and female artists. Companies like Botanical PaperWorks, ForeverFiances and Paper Culture pair modern designs with a focus on sustainability.

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