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Love you Moore

Story and photography by Jennifer Quinn of JennQuinn Creative

To say “I love you more” has even stronger meaning for Meredith

and Conner.

The newlyweds, the Moores, have known each other for over 10 years. At 24 and 26, that’s not always an easy feat. After 4 years of friendship, Conner would not give up on asking Meredith out and took her on a date tailored to their shared interests — fishing. Moments like this have stuck with them throughout their relationship and is what made their wedding day so special.

MAY 15TH, 2017

The first date, an afternoon getting to know each other over wading and fishing.

MAY 14TH, 2022

The day before Meredith and Conner’s 5 year anniversary. Conner gifted Meredith a nature-inspired ring, making the guarantee that the past 5 years had been special to him. “This is for 5 years.”

MAY 15TH, 2022

The couple had planned a 5 year anniversary date to go fishing, taking a nod from their first date and something they have continued to share a passion for.

Starting like the first date, Meredith and Conner arrived at the spot they have been to many times before, setting down their tackle boxes and Meredith attempting to put on her waders. Conner had other plans trying to usher her down to the water but she wouldn’t go until she had her waders fully on, having left her other boots at home.

Down by the water, Conner had his antique tackle box open, waiting for the moment he could catch Meredith off guard. When the time was right, he knelt down and pulled out the ring box. As silly as it seems, being proposed to in her

waders couldn’t have been more perfect for Meredith.

Conner told her, “This is for forever.”

MAY 15TH, 2023

On a beautiful Monday afternoon, Meredith and Conner, along with their wedding parties, arrived at Martinak State Park to get ready in the cedar cabins filling the campgrounds. Martinak holds a special place in their hearts, the first place they ever went camping together, although they didn’t get the luxury of the cabins back in 2021.

After dressing, Meredith and her mother had a moment where she was gifted with a handkerchief with a special message, beginning the assortment of touching details that filled the wedding day.

The amphitheater was decorated with lanterns, tree stumps and greenery but there was a big surprise at the top. Meredith teared up at the sight of a 1951 Chevy truck situated at the beginning of the aisle. Both lovers of vintage vehicles and Conner being a mechanic, the truck was the perfect way to tie in more of their interests.

“A beautiful surprise, I can’t believe Conner kept this secret,” she said, grinning ear to ear. It made for the perfect place to do their first touch, wanting to keep the first look for the ceremony.

During the ceremony, the couple embraced the beauty of the surrounding nature. The dock was the perfect backdrop, even if they had a few unexpected kayakers as wedding crashers. They wrote their own vows with mentions of fishing, dogs and many pizza nights, getting chuckles out of each other and the guests.

After the ceremony, once the guests, family and friends had left the ceremony space, Meredith and Conner got a chance to enjoy the peaceful place. They struck pose after pose for their couples portraits, laughing with each other. Finally they got to enjoy the old Chevy in its glory, taking photos next to it, then convincing the owner to allow them to drive it to their wedding reception. Taking such a cool vehicle down the highway certainly had its challenges but it was worth every moment to pull up to the party with a honk of the horn.

Even the reception held its fair share of meaningful moments. The first dance song was a surprise to the families when Conner’s parents’ wedding song began to play. The tradition of the anniversary song revealed that the oldest married couple was Granny and Gramps, Meredith’s grandparents.

Upon discovering they were the last ones dancing, they invited the family to join in with them, creating a dance circle full of love. Married 59 years, they are a wonderful example of long lasting love, something for Meredith and Conner to look to. The rest of the night was full of dancing, cake smashing and laughs.

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