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Make it with Paper

Paper-based touches at your summer wedding offer affordability and versatility — and, because the material can be recycled, they play a role in sustainability, too. Here are some great ideas for do-it-yourself brides.


Paper can add new levels of creativity to everything from reception centerpieces and guest books to wedding party favors, aisle decorations and place cards. The options are all but limitless, as paper options originally meant for craft and scrapbooking open the color palette to every texture and hue. Earth tones and natural papers, for instance, are perfect for weddings in rustic locales. Die-cutting machines can add pizazz to any creation. Head over to Pinterest and Instagram to find material options that will fire your imagination.


Among the hottest trends in paper crafting are flowers, and they’re perfectly suited for weddings, of course. Cut and fold floral patterns and shapes to create one-of-a-kind crafts that are beautiful and affordable — and they never die. Beyond the usual bouquets and boutonnieres, you can also use them for things like hair decorations. Add a handmade paper bow to the wedding cake, then take your vision to the next level by pleating the same paper and wrapping it around each layer of the cake. Punch holes out of favorite old books or meaningful sheet music in the shape of a heart to make your own confetti. You’ll have an extra special craft for the reception table or for showering the couple with as they depart. Cut out butterfly shapes to create a cool new detail on your flower arrangements.


Beat the heat at your summer wedding by cutting out intricate individual patterns in circular sheets of scrapbooking paper, then fold them into a handy fan. Attach crafting sticks to make their sturdier. Everyone will have a handmade take-home favor. Upgrade your photo area with a glamorous paper-made crescent moon and stars. Just remember to bring plenty of glitter to your crafting table. Place cards and thank you cards are easily personalized in ways that some major manufacturers might never imagine — and it will all match the color and font of your personal wedding theme. Ombre wall decor and paper garlands also add wow-factor colors without breaking the bank.

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